Domain nameservers propagation
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Domain Propagation is the period of time, or delay, involved in sending your domain’s address information to all the other name servers in the world. Name servers intentionally keep track of addresses for domains in their memory for a specific period of time which is defined by the administrator of the name server. This speeds up the process of looking up an address for a domain name. Unfortunately this “cached” information also stays in the name servers when it has been changed at the source of the original information (the domain’s registrar).

Name servers refresh themselves from once an hour to once a day. Generally 2-3 days time is a good estimate when a domain’s DNS information is changed at the domain registrar, after which everyone in the world can see the change.

You can speed up this process by clearing your local computer DNS cache by following:

2) Restart your computer.
3) Restart/reboot your network modem/router (if you have both, restart the modem first and then the router)

This will allow your computer to receive a fresh DNS record of the domain name if this was refreshed at the names servers.

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