Using Source Gaurdian
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By default, SourceGuardian is not installed on any of our web hosting packages. However, that does not mean that you are not able to host any scripts that are encoded with SourceGuardian!

Below we will explain you how to get the scripts to run properly, this is possible since we run suPHP.

First you need to create a new .htaccessfile in your public_html folder if you haven’t done already. Otherwise you need to edit your current .htaccess file.

In your .htaccess file under your public_html folder, add the following:

suPHP_ConfigPath /home/user/public_html

Note: Make sure to change the user text above to your account user name.

Then create a php.ini file under your public_html folder and add the following (or edit the current file if you have a php.ini file):



Note: Make sure to change the user text above to your account user name.

Now create a new folder called "extensions" in your public_html folder and download the required loader at

Then extract the zip file and upload the file "ixed.5.2.lin" to your created folder "extensions"

Now if you have followed the steps correctly if you browse to a phpinfo file you should see 


SourceGuardian Loader Support enabled

If you have troubles completing this please contact support and will will process this for you.

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