Service Temporarily Unavailable
Author: admin admin Reference Number: AA-00262 Views: 10734 Created: 2012-02-13 16:49 Last Updated: 2013-03-25 11:47 0 Rating/ Voters

Service Temporarily Unavailable will be displayed on shared premium hosting if your account exceeds its 'Maximum Entry Processes' an entry process is a process your hosting account has created on the shared hosting server (eg running php to parse a webpage or cron jobs running in the 'background') .

To see your resource usage on entry processes (historic and current) . simply log into your control panel, then click on 'Resource Usage' then click on [Details] to see graphs of usage.

The best tip to reduce Entry process usage is to make your webpage(s) / scripts installed on your site return data quicker ( eg adding a caching plugin to the parts of your sites that are slowest ) , making a page use an entry process for a shorter amount of time allows more pages to be served per second without backlogging entry processes. 

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