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1 Am I allowed to customize the reseller home page?

Yes your homepage is fully customizable, you can change anything on the template or create your own page from scratch.

2 Am I or my clients allowed to use Nulled scripts?

Nulled scripts are not permitted on our hosting platform, please see our terms of SErvice for further information: http://myownfreehost.net/legal.php

3 Are my customers websites ad-supported?

As a reseller you can place adverts on your customers websites to make advertising revenue if you wish. By default customers websites are ad-free, it is optional for you to ad adverts. If you do choose to ad adverts, you can use any HTML advert code such…

4 Are warez / copyright files or links to illegal material allowed on clients sites?

No we do not permit the hosting of warez or copywrited material, please see our terms and conditions for further detail: http://myownfreehost.net/legal.php

5 Can I customize the 404, 403 and 500 error pages my clients see ?

You can customize your error pages by adding the custom .htaccess upgrade to your reseller account in the Reseller Panel under Quota's & Packages->Upgrade Reseller Account:

6 Do I earn commision on paid sales originating from the free hosting cPanel?

Yes however you must enter your affiliate ID in the reseller panel. You can find your affiliate ID by registering for an IFastnet account here: https://ifastnet.com/portal/affiliates.php When signed into your IFastnet account click on the Affiliates section…

7 Do my customers free hosted websites have limits?

On the free Free Plan your customers will have the limits specified here: http://myownfreehost.net/signup.php On the Premium MyOwnFreeHost plan your customers have no limits.

8 How do I activate a suspended account?

To suspend a clients account open the clients account properties under the My Clients section and at the very bottom of the page and click on the Change Status button:

9 How do I change the disk space, traffic, domains or database limits on an individual account?

You can change your clients limits in your reseller control panel under the clients section. Click on 'Clients' in the sidebar: and find the relevant client using either the client search or the last 50 signups list. Once you have located the client you want…

10 How do I disable adverts on an individual customers website?

You can disable adverts on a per client basis in the Reseller Panel in the 'Your Adverts' section by adding the no ads tag as follows then clicking the Add / Change advert code button to submit:

11 How do I earn commision on paid hosting sales using this reseller?

You can earn commission on cllients that decide to upgrade to paid hosting using our affiliate scheme here: https://ifastnet.com/portal/affiliates.php You will make a percentage on every monthly payment the client makes on his paid hosting plan for as long…

12 How do I edit my reseller home page?

You can edit your reseller homepage via FTP or using the File Manager in Vistpanel on your free account. The document root for your homepage is the htdocs folder, you can edit or replace any files but your signup.php file must remain in the document root.…

13 How many accounts am I allowed to create on a MyOwnFreeHost reseller account?

There is no limits to the amount of client accounts you can create on a free reseller account.

14 I have broken my hope page design how to I get a new template?

You can download new template to use for your homepage from the selection we provide here: http://myownfreehost.net/templatedemos.php

15 Signup form not working

In order for the signup form to work it MUST be in the document root of your reseller domain, for example: http://yourdomain.com/signup.php

16 What am I not allowed to change on the reseller home page?

On a free reseller account you are required to ensure that our premium hosting plans from htttps://ifastnet.com/portal/ are displayed. You can use the affiliate system from https:/ifastnet.com/portal to generate affiliate links which will then generate you…

17 What if I can not help answer a customers question or problem?

You can escalate a ticket to us if you are unable to resolve it yourself using the Escalate Ticket button as follows: You will then need to chose the type of issue it is from the drop down menu on the following screen and click Escalate Ticket:

18 What is the overall maximum amount of disk space my reseller is allowed to use ?

Reseller accounts on MyOwnFreeHost have unlimited disk space however client accounts may be limited depending on the reseller plan you are on, please see the following URL for further information: http://myownfreehost.net/signup.php

19 What is the overall maximum amount of disk space my reseller is allowed to use?

Resellers on MyOwnFreeReseller have unlimited disk space. However each client / customer account does have limits which you as the reseller can setup and define. Please see http://myownfreehost.net/signup.php for specific plan details.

20 What is the overall maximum amount of traffic my reseller is allowed to use?

Each reseller account has unlimited bandwidth usage however clients may have limited bandwidth depending on which reseller plan you are on, please see the following URL for further details: http://myownfreehost.net/signup.php

21 What is the overall maximum amount of traffic my reseller is allowed to use?

Resellers on MyOwnFreeHost.net have unlimited bandwidth. Each customer account / user under your reseller does have traffic limits, you as the reseller define the bandwidth limits subject to your plans limits. The maximum bandwidth you can provide to each…

22 What's the difference between my homepage panel and reseller panel?

Along with your reseller account you get a free hosting account to host your homepage on, you can use this account to customise your homepage: Your reseller panel is used to manage client quota's, add advert code to clients pages and general administrative…

23 Where do my customers go to ask for support and help?

Your clients can get support via the following links in VistaPanel: You can view tickets your clients have raised under the Support Centre section of your Reseller Panel: