Outlook gives a certificate warning when connecting to email
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On shared cPanel servers self signed certificates are using for encryption, this can cause a warning dialogue box to be displayed when connecting using outlook over SSL.

To remove the warning follow these instructions :

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. In the Security Alert dialog box, click View Certificate
  3. In the following View Certificate dialog box, click Install Certificate.

    General tab in the View Certificate dialog box
  4. In the Certificate Import Wizard, follow these steps:
    1. On the following Certificate Store wizard page, click Place all certificates in the following store, and then click Browse.
      Certificate Store section of the Certificate Import Wizard
    2. In the following Certificate Store dialog box, click Trusted Root Certification Authority, and then click OK.

      Select Certificate Store dialog box
    3. On the Certificate Store wizard page, click Next.
    4. Click Finish to complete the wizard. 
    5. Click Yes as the following screen shot shows when you are prompted to confirm the installation of the certificate.

      Confirmation prompt to install certificate
    6. Click OK when you are advised that the import was successful. 
    7. Click OK to close the View Certificate dialog box. 
    8. Click Yes in the Security Alert dialog box to continue to start Outlook. 
    9. Exit and restart Outlook.

      Now, you do not receive the security warning when you start Outlook.
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