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1 Can I setup custom name servers what are the ip addresses.

Yes you can setup custom nameservers, the IP addresses will be the IP addresses of the nameservers provided in your Account Information e-mail. You can find out the IP address of a server by opening a command prompt on your pc and typing: ping <servername>…

2 Do I need my own domain name ?

You do not need to own your own domain name to open an account with us, all of our plans include a free domain or subdomain you can use to get started.

3 How do I reset my wordpress admin password / forgot wordpress password admin

The following page explains howto reset your wordpress admin password http://codex.wordpress.org/Resetting_Your_Password

4 How do I reset my joomla password / lost joomla admin password

If you have lost your Joomla admin password you can follow the steps in this article to reset the password : http://docs.joomla.org/How_do_you_recover_or_reset_your_admin_password%3F

5 Importing large wordpress site from wordpress.com causes 500 errror

If you are importing a large site from wordpress.com using the xml file method, when at stage 2 of the import ( where we download the uploads from wordpress.com site ) if there is over 1gb of uploads on your wordpress.com site, then you may receive a 500…

6 Owncloud login fails

Question : After installing OwnCloud I am unable to login Answer : Log into your cPanel, and locate 'Mod Security' and in here disable Mod Security for the domain name that owncloud is installed on.

7 Uploading a large image attachment using SMF fails.

If you receive a white screen when uploading a large image attachment using SMF then to fix follow the below steps : 1) download the file Sources/Subs-Graphics.php from your hosting account 2) edit the file using notepad, and locate the line (around line…

8 What are the name servers to use

Once you have registered an account with us you will receive an email including all of your account information, this will include your allocated nameservers to use. If you have any issues or questions regarding setting up your nameservers for your domain…

9 wordpress running slow

The following plugin will help WP use less server resources and speed up your website http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/w3-total-cache/ Once the plugin is installed please ensure that you go into the plugin configuration in your wp-admin section and enable…